Customs clearance & documentation

As an AEO certified company and approved sender as well as approved recipient, we can offer you the following services in the field of customs clearance at Terminal Gernsheim:

  • In cooperation with our partners in Rotterdam and Antwerp, we can take over the T1 creation in the seaport for you.
  • After the arrival of import containers in Gernsheim, we can take over the provision of the T1 and provide you, the customer, with the ATB number for writing off in your customs declaration.
    • Alternatively, after issuing a power of attorney and after receiving all the necessary data, we can take over the customs declaration for you or your customer as a "direct representative" (i.e. in your name and for your account).
  • If a customs inspection is ordered, we can take over the demonstration at the customs office in Darmstadt for you.
  • In the event of insufficient T1 deadlines, after arrival in Gernsheim we can provide you with the original T1 and create a connection T1 for delivery to the customer.

The customs office responsible for our terminal in Gernsheim is the Darmstadt customs office (office code: DE003230). Customs declarations or T1 documents that are created at our terminal are therefore the responsibility of the Darmstadt customs office.