Code of Conduct

Goal of the code of conduct

In this code of conduct, we have set down our standards and the expectations of our daily conduct with the aim of making our business activities ethically sound. All managing directors, executives and employees are committed to these principles.

The executives have a special role model function.


General principles

The values ​​of customer orientation, profitability, progress, partnership and responsibility formulated in the corporate mission statement are the central elements of this code of conduct. When dealing with our customers, business partners, employees and owners, we always strive to act fairly and with integrity.

We offer our customers transport and logistics services that are safe, environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and economical. Our claim to conduct our business activities ethically and legally is inextricably linked with the way in which we conduct ourselves in our work. In our business activities we follow the law applicable to us, as well as applicable guidelines and standards, avoid conflicts of interest and respect the customs, traditions and social values ​​of the countries and cultures in which we operate.

We expect and encourage our business partners to introduce comparable ethical principles on the basis of applicable law and recognized values. We expect you to adhere to these when working with us.


Responsibility towards society and employees

We are convinced that social responsibility is an essential factor for the long-term success of our company and therefore an indispensable part of our value-oriented corporate management. Our business activities are committed to the principle of sustainability. Growth and job stability are important success factors for GUT mbH & Co. KG.

Human rights We respect recognized human rights.

Child labor and forced labor We outlaw child labor and all forms of forced labor.

Equal opportunities At GUT mbH & Co. KG, the diversity of society, languages, cultures and ways of life is reflected. We respect and promote this diversity, because it guarantees closeness to society, customers and new ideas. We do not tolerate any discrimination against people, especially not because of their origin, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, origin, political or trade union activities or because of their age, gender or disability.

Cooperation Our togetherness is characterized by mutual respect. We behave in a spirit of partnership and ensure a positive working atmosphere. Our employees make a decisive contribution to the success of GUT mbH & Co. KG. GUT mbH & Co. KG is committed to its responsibility to all employees to promote and develop them further. GUT mbH & Co. KG recognizes the right to freedom of assembly and the formation of interest groups. We will stand up for the protection of these rights.
Safety The safety of our employees and customers is our top priority and one of the central values ​​of GUT mbH & Co. KG. Together we ensure a safe working environment and the safety of our products.

Occupational health and safety With consistent, preventive occupational health and safety, we avert hazards to people and support the health of our employees through good working conditions. The safety of our employees is a central requirement of our business activities. However, occupational safety is also part of the personal responsibility of every employee. Hazards are to be avoided through anticipatory, careful and safety-conscious behavior. Defects in occupational safety must be reported to the responsible manager immediately.

Environmental protection We are committed to the principles of sustainable management and environmental protection as a corporate value. We promote suitable measures for dealing with relevant environmental impacts.


Behavior of our employees

All employees are obliged to comply with the rules that apply at GUT mbH & Co. KG.

Appearance in public The employees influence the public appearance of GUT mbH & Co. KG. We make sure to always treat our customers and business partners in a friendly, courteous and service-oriented manner.

Confidentiality All information about the business activities of GUT mbH & Co. KG that has not been published and is not generally known will be treated confidentially. This also applies to information from third parties, for example business partners, that we receive as a result of our activities at GUT mbH & Co. KG. We do not use the knowledge resulting from our internal company processes for private purposes. Company-related communication with the media and the general public generally falls under the responsibility of the managing director or the person authorized by him.

Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest We avoid situations in which personal or own financial interests collide with the interests of GUT mbH & Co. KG or our business partners. In conflict situations, the interests of GUT mbH & Co. KG must not be impaired. The compatibility of family and work remains unaffected. Secondary activities and investments in competitors or business partners must not involve the risk of a conflict of interest. Any actual or suspected conflict of interest must be reported to the manager. GUT mbH & Co. KG encourages employees to get involved in social issues in public functions, associations or citizens' initiatives, provided that this commitment does not conflict with the legitimate interests of GUT mbH & Co. KG.

Invitations and gifts Invitations in connection with our work for GUT mbH & Co. KG may be accepted or given within the framework of internal regulations if they are appropriate and not in expectation of inadmissible consideration or other preferential treatment. The same applies to the acceptance or granting of gifts and other benefits or advantages of any kind.




Conduct towards competitors, public officials and business partners

GUT mbH & Co. KG responds to the needs of customers, suppliers and business partners and treats them honestly, responsibly and fairly.

Corruption GUT mbH & Co. KG does not tolerate corruption or other unfair business practices among employees or third parties commissioned by us. Incentives, privileges or perks that could impair the ability to make objective and fair business decisions are neither offered nor accepted by us or by third parties commissioned by us.

Conduct towards public officials Political parties Material and immaterial contributions of any kind to employees or agents of state institutions or their relatives are strictly prohibited. Contributions of any kind to political parties and their representatives as well as to elected officials and candidates for political offices are also strictly prohibited.

Business partners We expect our business partners to align their business activities with the principles formulated in this Code of Conduct. The cooperation with our business partners is characterized by a fair, trusting and stable partnership.

Consultants / agents / intermediaries The remuneration of consultants, agents and intermediaries must be in an appropriate relationship to the services provided and must not serve to give business partners undue advantages.

Competition and antitrust law We adhere to the relevant competition law requirements and do not make any agreements that influence prices and conditions or in any other way restrict fair competition in an impermissible manner.

Donations / Sponsoring GUT mbH & Co. KG supports education and science as well as the areas of sport, art and culture. The allocation of a donation must always be transparent and documented. Donations may only be made on a voluntary basis and without expecting anything in return. Sponsoring measures must not serve any hidden promotion of interests. Donations to political parties and religious communities are generally not permitted.


Responsibility to the owners

The actions of GUT mbH & Co. KG are characterized by responsibility and transparency towards our owners. The protection of corporate assets and the sustainable increase in corporate value are among the goals of our corporate work.

Protection of company assets Company property and all work equipment provided by the company for operational purposes may only be used for operational purposes and must be treated with care. Company property may not be sold, lent or used for purposes outside the company without express permission, regardless of its condition or value. As part of their work, all employees are obliged to protect assets of GUT mbH & Co. KG and to deal with them honestly and with integrity. Fraud, corruption or any other criminal activity will not be tolerated. Suspected cases of misconduct are investigated within the legally possible framework and taking data protection regulations into account; If misconduct is confirmed, suitable measures are taken.

Reporting The company's reports and documents must be prepared correctly and truthfully in all material matters, comply with the applicable standards and fully document all relevant information.

Insider trading Employees are prohibited from using information that is not publicly available that they receive in the course of their work for GUT mbH & Co. KG to gain financial or business advantages for themselves or third parties.

Data protection We collect, process and use personal data only insofar as this is permitted within the framework of the relevant laws and company guidelines. Documents containing personal data about employees are treated confidentially, carefully stored and only disclosed to authorized persons.
Geldwäsche Die GUT mbH & Co. KG ergreift alle erforderlichen Maßnahmen, um Geldwäsche in seinem Einflussbereich zu unterbinden.


Compliance with the code of conduct

GUT MbH & Co. KG will implement the principles set out in the code of conduct in all units worldwide.

Obligation to comply All managing directors, executives and employees of GUT mbH & Co. KG are obliged to comply with the code of conduct. The executives have a special responsibility for communicating and implementing these guidelines. All employees of GUT mbH & Co. KG are required to report serious violations of laws and internal guidelines within the framework of the whistleblower system existing in GUT mbH & Co. KG.

Protection of the whistleblower We do not tolerate any actions directed against employees who report such violations.

Consequences In the event of a violation of laws or internal guidelines, employees must expect appropriate consequences, including labor law and disciplinary measures. Such violations can also result in criminal and liability law consequences.

Where can I find more information? Further information can be found at If you are unsure or have any questions, you should contact your manager. In addition, you always have the option of contacting the Customer Service department directly.



Resolved by the management committee of GUT mbH & Co. KG and came into force on 01.01.2012