Situation in Rotterdam still unpredictable

Dear Sirs,

as you will have gathered from the trade press, unfortunately nothing has changed the handling situation in Rotterdam. The issue of clearance has been building for weeks and an improvement is currently not in sight. The situation is comparable to the years 2007-2008.

For this reason, we are unfortunately forced from 08/15/14 to admit to you the resulting additional costs to us in the form of a congestion surcharge of EUR 17.00/container for empty units and loaded units as well. This supplement is only due to the handling situation in Rotterdam. We expressly reserve the right to recalculate the surcharge in a deterioration of handling the situation and adapt accordingly. The basis of the calculation will be the respective departure date of our barges.

Since any interference by external circumstances, such as in this case, loading and / or unloading operations in Rotterdam is not part of our transportation contracts, they do not fall in our area of risks. Through these delays or obstacles during loading and unloading, the client of the transport order is to §§ 412, 419 Handelsgesetzbuch in connection with the § 26 Binnenschiffahrtsgesetz is obliged to reimburse costs. In this framework the congestion surcharge falls.

We must careful to point out that we assume no responsibility or liability for any resulting detentions, Demurrages or not reached Adoption of seagoing appointments.

The contract will, of course, be omitted immediately after an obvious improvement in Rotterdam. We regret this action, but we see no other way.