Storm in Rotterdam & Antwerp

18. January 2018

Dear Sir or Madam, the terminals in Antwerp and Rotterdam have stopped work until further notice. The reason for this is, as announced yesterday for Rotterdam, the storm with very high wind speeds. Currently, both seaports are affected. Your GUT team

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Arriving shipments at Containerterminals of MPET and PSAA

1. September 2016

Dear Sir or Madam,   we wish to inform you that from 09.05.2016 a new procedure for the exchange of customs data to the connected terminals (420/869/913/1742) will be mandatory in Antwerp.   All export consignments are arriving at these container terminals must be registered on the platform APCS eDesk before arrival. Subsequent online customs […]

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Successive renewal of our Company truck fleet

21. June 2016

Dear Sir or Madam,   We would like to inform you that there has been a further step towards the renewal or upgrading of the GUT truck fleet.   Since 06/01/2016 we have 9 new tractor of the manufacturer Renault in use. The model T460.18 meets the EURO 6 standard by Regulation 582/2011 / EU. […]

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Congestion Euromax / Kai 1700

2. February 2015

Dear business partners,   we would like to inform you that we have to contend with major delays at the Euromax, Rotterdam. This is due to the effects of the storm from 28.01.15 and a very large ship traffic. The delays are currently at about 72 hours.   There are also delays in Antwerp, primarily […]

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Situation in Rotterdam still unpredictable

11. August 2014

Dear Sirs, as you will have gathered from the trade press, unfortunately nothing has changed the handling situation in Rotterdam. The issue of clearance has been building for weeks and an improvement is currently not in sight. The situation is comparable to the years 2007-2008. For this reason, we are unfortunately forced from 08/15/14 to […]

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ECT Terminals, bottlenecks in container processing in the Port of Rotterdam

22. July 2014

Dear Customer, the terminal handling situation of barges at the ECT Delta and Euromax terminals in Rotterdam becomes more and more serious. In some cases our requestet loading windows are postponed up to 3-5 days! Here is also a official notice from ECT: Scan The maintenance of our sailing schedules is therefore often no more […]

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Pilot project, scanning of containers in the “hinterland” with mobile X-ray system

26. July 2013

On 04th of July 2013 were scanned in collaboration with Water Police, Customs, Government of Darmstadt and the GUT GmbH & Co. KG, on the premises of the company GUT mbH & Co. KG at Gernsheimer harbor, container with the mobile X-ray system. This was a pilot project and was first performed at an inland […]

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Water levels back to normal

3. July 2013

After recent heights water levels are receding and barge services can continue unobstructed.

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1. June 2013

We’re relaunching our web site with a new design and more information.

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