Arriving shipments at Containerterminals of MPET and PSAA

Dear Sir or Madam,


we wish to inform you that from 09.05.2016 a new procedure for the exchange of customs data to the connected terminals (420/869/913/1742) will be mandatory in Antwerp.


All export consignments are arriving at these container terminals must be registered on the platform APCS eDesk before arrival. Subsequent online customs registration is no longer possible.


This means that tariff information for all incoming shipments before receipt must be by the APCS registered. This method is comparable to APM Terminals 2 and RWG.


Improper application can cause you received any departure confirmation by the duty and you risk that your container is not handled.


Registrations in APCS eDesk are possible via web application or XML.


For more information, please contact: or