Trimodal Services

GUT is a logistics service provider for container logistics that specializes in "hinterland transport" (containers between seaports and inland) in "combined transport" (i.e. using inland waterways in combination for the "last mile" to the customer) with all associated additional services (e.g. B. Empty container depots and repairs).



For sole proprietorships or small and medium-sized companies, it is often not possible and / or sensible to have their own warehouse with the appropriate equipment. In this area in particular, trust and a quick response time are particularly important. We keep your warehouse as if it were our own goods and are personally available to you.

Complete documentation of the stowage and loading process is part of our quality assurance.


Customs clearance

As an AEO certified company and approved sender as well as approved recipient, we can offer you the following services in the field of customs clearance at Terminal Gernsheim: